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The River Within - Thames source to sea


A photographic exploration of the Thames through the seasons by kayak.

By photographer Annette Price

By being very close to the water, even getting in the water at times, I am able to create intimate images of the River Thames, to show how the river changes in character, growing as it flows 215 miles towards the sea, changing through the seasons.

In January 2017 I began the project by photographing the Source near Kemble in the Cotswolds, where the Thames is no more than a ditch, then continued down river through the Cotswolds, Oxford, Reading and on to London. This is a work in progress and I will continue paddling and photographing down the Thames until I finally reach the Thanet Wind Farm and the Maunsell Sea Forts, seven miles offshore in the outer reaches of the Thames Estuary, where the river flows into the North Sea on the East coast to complete this work. 

By working from a kayak, I am able to get into otherwise inaccessible places, photograph beneath bridges and tunnels, underwater where possible.  For the first few miles, where there wasn't enough water for a kayak, I wore wellies and a drysuit and waded into the water, sometimes lying in it.  But from Cricklade, all the images have been made from the perspective of the kayak. 

The inspiration for this project has come from paddling kayaks on the central London River Thames between Richmond and the Thames Barrier for over twenty years




About the photographer - Annette Price 

Adventure sports and wild places photography

I am an adventure sports and wild places photographer and regularly venture underground to photograph caves and disused mines,  paddle and photograph whitewater rivers and seas and have dived to photograph commercial divers, to produce storytelling images to meet the needs of magazine editors, news agencies and print buyers. My work has been published in a wide range of magazines and newspapers including the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Land Rover Owner International, the Times, BBC Focus magazine etc. and featured in a  number of photographic publications. 

For over twenty years I have worked as a professional photographer, originally training as a graphic designer and illustrator (BA Hons) at Kingston University.  In 2005, I was awarded a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship (QEST) to do an HSE-approved commercial scuba diving course (Media diver - part 4) with the Underwater Centre at Fort William in Scotland. 



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