Kickstarter for the River Within - London exhibition

The successful Kickstarter campaign of 2019

In the summer of 2019, I ran a Kickstarter campaign to help fund an exhibition called “The River Within – London”.  The campaign was successful and made the exhibition at the Riverside Gallery in Richmond-Upon-Thames, a reality.

This page is a very BIG THANK YOU to everyone who supported my Kickstarter campaign.

This includes all those who took the time to review my draft campaign, gave me advice on promotion, took the time to share my social media posts and of course everyone who pledged their support.

Here is a BIG Thank You to all those who pledged their support

  • Jo Franklin
  • Rachel Russell
  • Matt Harbord
  • Annie Moreton
  • David Hoffman
  • Cathy Jacobs
  • Wendy de Boer
  • Charlotte Frith
  • David Firn
  • Ruth Pringle
  • Geoffrey Onyett
  • Steve Murray
  • Abby Allen
  • Alexander Döller
  • The Creative Fund
  • Julia M Booth
  • Anne Mannion
  • Peter Cunnell
  • Patrick Reynolds
  • Michael Walker
  • Carole Lynn Salerno
  • David Creasy
  • Paul Fairman
  • Robin Cahill
  • Elaina Ford
  • Jeanette Sutton
  • Kate Eidam
  • Robert Soul ODessa
  • Marie Clay

Thank you all again


See the successful Kickstarter Campaign

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