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One mile from the Source

One mile from the Source


Misty Dawn One Mile from the Source.

For the past week and a half, I had been waiting patiently for the light to change, as forecasts had been showing grey skies over Kemble for days. But Saturday was looking promising, cold with a clear sky.

So Saturday morning I got up at silly o clock and drove to Kemble, parking on the bridge that crosses the Thames on the A429 and walked up river for a few hundred meters, as daylight started to appear and the mist began to rise over the water. This is currently where the Thames starts, where water begins rising from beneath the ground and is one mile from the official Source, which is dry at the moment.  Wearing my wellies and my not very waterproof trousers I carefully picked my way along the river, being careful not to trample the small green plants that are growing on the river bed, to get pictures from the river itself and not just from the bank.