Thames - Source to Sea Through the Sesaons | Water
River Thames, up river from Ashton Keynes village, UKAshton Keynes village. This is the first village which the River Thames flows through.Shire Lake Ditch, River Thames, Oxford.The River Thames, south of the A429, near Kemble.River Thames, down river of  Ewen, Cirencester, Cotswold.Bablock Hythe, Oxfordshire.From underwater - Wooden foot bridge, a short distance up river from Eaton Hastings. River Thames. Oxfordshire.From underwater - Tadpole Bridge. Buckland Marsh, Faringdon, Oxrodshire.River Thames near Poole Keynes, Cirencester, Cotswold.River Thames near Poole Keynes, Cirencester, Cotswold.Scum. Grafton Lock. Downriver from Eaton Hastings. Oxfordshire.