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Where is the Source of the Thames?

Where is the Source of the Thames?

January 2017 – This month’s photography will be from the Source of the River Thames to Lechlade

So where do I start? Where is the Source?

The source of the River Thames is at Kemble near Cirencester, it starts in a field called Trewsbury Mead, just north-east of the A433.

or does it….

Although this is the official start point according to the Environment Agency and Ordnance Survey it is not universally accepted. Some historians believe that a Roman well called Lyd Well, which is one mile south-east of the official source, is the true start point of the Thames – more on that later…

Water in the first few miles of the Thames is seasonal and for most of the year it is dry. The Parish of Coberley in the Cotswolds claim the Thames really starts at Severn Springs, which is 4 miles south of Cheltenham – and they might be right.  Severn Springs is the beginning of the River Churn which joins the Thames at Cricklade, providing a constant, unbroken flow of water all year round, unlike the official Source at Kemble.  If Severn Springs is the true beginning then it adds 14 miles to the length of the River Thames making the Thames the longest river in the UK.

For this project I am going to treat the start of the Thames as being the official Source at Kemble, but I will be visiting Severn Springs and the River Churn too.